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CNET – Editor’s Top Laptop Picks (Tablets)

CNET Reviews published their Editor’s Top Laptops this week, with an emphasis on Tablets (both full-slate and “convertible” – Tablet PCs with physical keyboards). Three out of the five were ultraportable convertible Tablet PCs/notebooks:
1)Lenovo ThinkPad X41
3)HP Compaq tc4200
4)Fujitsu LifeBook T4020 Continue reading

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Review: Gateway NX100X (LAPTOP Magazine)

This is the the last of the Gateway stories for now (it is a big deal, it’s been four years since Gateway was in the ultraportable market). LAPTOP Magazine has published their review of the
Gateway NX100X ultraportable Ultra Low Voltage notebook. Continue reading

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Review: Gateway E-100M (PC Magazine)

We just can’t get enough “Gateway re-enters the ultraportable market with a super-secret Intel Ultra Low Voltage CPU” stories can we? (I’ve passed on several already, that were basically repeating what’s already been said). Continuing on with something useful, Cisco Cheng of PC Magazine has completed their review of the Gateway E-100M. Continue reading

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Apple’s 30th B-Day and New MacBook Rumors

WHERE’S THE RUMORS? Sorry for shouting, it’s just very peculiar that all of the normal Apple/Mac rumor sites have been quiet about a new series of Apple ultraportables. There’s been a few events come and go over the past few months with plenty of rumors whirling around those, whether it’s patent applications or 13.3-inch widescreen iBooks (well MacBooks I guess) or 11.1-inch MacBook mini’s or MacTablets or whatever. Continue reading

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A Note on the Intel CPU’s in the new Gateways

Just a quick note on the CPUs in the new Gateway ultraportables – the NX100X and the E-100Mb.

They are Ultra Low Voltage (ULV) Intel Core Solo CPUs, models U1300 (1.06GHz) and U1400 (1.2GHz). These were mentioned last year in some of the roadmaps and they seemed on-again and off-again. According to DailyTech, these CPUs were under a press embargo until April 16.

Now while the NX100X page isn’t up at Gateway (it might be now), the E-100MB is up, although you have to search for it, and it’s listed in several places (business, education, etc.). Continue reading

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