HP 2710p – Up to $505 Off Select Models

HP Compaq 2710p Those of you sitting on the fence, about whether or not to get HP Compaq’s latest ultraportable Tablet PC/laptop, the HP 2710p, this might help make up your mind: James Kendrick noticed that some models are up to $505 off, through October 31, 2007. Keep in mind some of these models may not be shipping until later in the month (around the 23rd).

$345 Off:
– RM270UT ($1599, Vista, U7500, 1GB Memory, 60GB HDD)
– RM319UT ($1599, XP Tablet PC, U7500, 1GB Memory, 60GB HDD)
$405 Off:
– RM271UT ($1749, Vista, U7500, 1GB Memory, 80GB HDD)
– RM320UT ($1749, XP Tablet PC, U7500, 1GB Memory, 80GB HDD)
$505 Off:
– RM272UT ($1749, Vista, U7600, 2GB Memory, 100GB HDD)
– RM321UT ($1749, XP Tablet PC, U7600, 2GB Memory, 100GB HDD)

Now those last two models, the RM272UT and RM321UT do look a little odd since they are substantial upgrade over the RM271UT and RM320UT, but then again, there is normally a $100 difference – why HP is doing this, I’m not sure. I do know that, as mentioned, some aren’t shipping ultil several weeks from now, although the RM272UT looks like it ships within a week.

Whatever the reason, definitely good news for those considering this Tablet PC/laptop convertible.

Link: HP Catalog with select models
Source: jkOnTheRun

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