Flybook (Transmeta)

MFR’s Description: Mobility redefined! Flybook is a go-anywhere, do-everything computer. It’s as powerful as a desktop or a heavyweight laptop PC and as handy as a mobile phone. At a tiny 235 x 155 x 31mm, it’s crammed with the latest multimedia and telecommunications technology. Flybook is the office in your pocket!

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Flybook (1GHz Transmeta Crusoe TM-5800 CPU)

Note: This is soon to have a successor – the Flybook V3

Company/Manufacturing Information
Company: Holbe Dialogue Europe/Dialogue Technology
Company Website:
Model Name: Flybook
Product Page:
Type: Notebook/Tablet PC Hybrid/Convertible
Introduced: Summer/Fall 2004
Cost (MSRP/Street): @ $2490.00 Base
Distributors (World-Wide)
CPU/Processor & Chipset
Processor Company: Transmeta
Processor Model: Transmeta Crusoe TM-5800
Processor Speed: 1GHz
Bus Speed: ?
Cache Size/Type: 64K L1 (128K combined L1)
512K L2
Systemboard Chipset: ALi 1535+
Display and Graphics
Graphics Chipset: ATi Radeon Mobility high performance low power chipset
Screen Type: TFT LCD Touch screen
Screen Size: 8.9 inches
Widescreen: Yes
Resolution: 1024×600 Wide-XGA/WXGA
Video Memory: 16MB
Video Out: 1xVGA, 1xVideo
Touch screen: Yes
Memory Capacity: 512MB
Memory Slots: ?
Memory Type: DDR SO DIMM (SDRAM)
Memory Speed: ?
Shared With Video: No
Hard Drive Interface: Ultra DMA 66/100
Hard Drive Capacity: 40GB through 80GB
60GB – 7200rpm
Hard Drive Size: 2.5″
Optical Drive: External
Battery Type: Lithion Ion
Default Battery Size: 3-Cell
Mfr Estimated Runtime: ?
Dimensions, and Weight
Weight: 2.7lbs
Height: 1.22″
Width: 9.2″
Depth: 6.1″
Wireless: Built-In
Wireless Type: IEEE 802.11b
Ethernet: 10/100 Base-T/TX Ethernet
Modem: 56K
Keyboard: 80-key standard keyboard
Mouse: Trackpoint
Pen/Tablet: Yes
I/O Ports
USB Ports: 2x USB 2.0
Firewire (1394): 2xIEEE 1394
PS/2, Serial, Parallel:
Infrared: ?
PC Card Slots: 1x PCMCIA Cardbus Type-I/II
Flash Memory Card: ?
Bluetooth: Yes, version 1.1
Port Replicator: ?
Other I/O:
Audio Chipset: AC-97
Audio I/O: Microphone jack, Headphone jack
Installed OS: Microsoft® Windows® XP Home or Professional Edition
Protection and Security
Fingerprint Reader:
Harddrive Shock Protection:
Hardware Passwords:
Warranty, Misc
Warranty: Available here

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HANDTOPS.COM – July 2004 – As someone who travels every month or two on business, I will be extremely happy with my new travel-mate. It is lightweight, very powerful, fully capable of connecting multiple USB and/or FireWire devices, GPRS, BT and more. The FB will be replacing my travel-worn Fujitsu P-2040 and I would sincerely recommend the FlyBook to everyone who was looking for such a powerful ultra-portable. Well done, Dialogue.

Pocket-Lint.Co.UK – July 2005 – Where the Flybook stands out is in its choice of design and features…..while it’s certainly not the best example we’ve seen of a tablet PC, it serves its purpose well.