Microsoft Vista and Tablets

Normally we shy away from Tablet coverage, since there are plenty of sites that cover tablets, but CNET ( has an interesting article by Ina Fried, Microsoft Vista looks to get tablets on write track, about some of the improvements that Tablet users can expect when Vista ships.

Many of the changes are designed to make the software more predictable than prior versions, and ultimately expand sales of Tablet PC systems. “You get frustrated, and you are going to stop using it,” said Ian LeGrow, a group program manager in the Tablet PC unit.

I’m glad to see they acknowledge the problems. Even with all of the delays, problems, and features being stripped out, Vista is shaping up to be a good release with a lot of customer input (although as with most Windows releases, I would wait until the first Service Pack rolls out before upgrading, unless Vista comes preinstalled on your machine).