Intel Roadmap – Yonah and Merom – 2006 (Anandtech)

Anandtech has a good article out about the Pentium M’s coming out in a few months. It’s hard to say whether dual-core Pentium M’s (Yonah) will make it into the ultraportable arena, but there will be single-core and ULV versions of these CPUs available. These will not be 64-bit – that will be later in 2006 with the Meroms (which doubles the L2 cache to 4MB among other things).

They do mention Ultra Low Voltage (ULV) versions of these Pentium M’s, with both single and dual-core CPUs running at 1.06GHz, and singles running at 1.2GHz. These will arrive late in 2006, and although Anandtech says they are for the embedded market, one can hope they will find their way into some of the smaller ultraportables. There will also be single-core versions in Celeron packaging.

As far as chipsets, they mention four new ones: 945GML, 945GM, 945GMS, 945PM, as well as a new graphics solution, GMA 950.

Pentium M Dual Core in January 2006 – Summary of the Intel Mobile Roadmap

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