Dateline Hollywood: iPod Video

Dateline Hollywood has the best news about an iPod Video at Apple’s October 12th announcement:

The new device, along with the companion iMovies Store, will offer scenes from films for 99 cents each to download. “No longer will big studios dictate that you buy a DVD with every scene from a film when only a few of them are good,” CEO Steve Jobs said. “iMovies even lets you create your own playlist with your favorite scenes from different films in any order you want.”

The Wall Street Journal had reported earlier this month that the testing of the iPod Video had run into some problems.

“We had one jogger during the beta phase who was completely gripped by a scene in ‘Dodgeball,’” said Jobs. “Unfortunately, he was hit by a UPS truck. The iPod screen cracked. Since then, we’ve made improvements to the iPod Video to make it sturdier to withstand such accidents. We learn valuable lessons from these tests.”