Video iPod After All?

ThinkSecret is reporting this morning that it maybe a video iPod after all. They mention music videos (which there doesn’t seem to be that large of a demand for), television broadcasting (logistical and legal/DRM aside, there would be problems unless Apple releases some fancy new TV < -> computer/iPod gagdet that works seamlessly), and video podcasting.

Video podcasting. Not exactly a Big Deal just yet. It’s interesting to note though, almost a month ago, we mentioned two articles at Macsimum News about Apple filing a patent based on a camera built into the latch of a portable computer (presumably a laptop).

Now if the next major revision of Apple’s PowerBook or iBook lineups (coinciding with the move to Intel) has said digital camera built into them, then you have something – two major product lines meshing nicely. The PowerBooks and iBooks would create and drive the video podcasting market.

I’m still maintaining that the 12″ PowerBook and iBook won’t go widescreen, no matter how many people say they would instantly buy one.

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