LED Backlights – Coming to a Laptop Near You

DigiTimes has an article out, LED backlights to penetrate notebook market in 2Q06 that should please ultraportable laptop users (and potential buyers):

The adoption of LEDs as a backlight source for 12- and 14-inch notebooks should begin in the second quarter of 2006, when the price gap between CCFL- (cathode fluorescent lamp-) and LED- based backlight modules narrows to less than NT$100 (US$3), according to LED maker Everlight Electronics.

Currently, available notebooks that feature displays based on white LED technology are Sony’s VAIO TX series, the Libretto U100 from Toshiba and the T70 (only in Japan) from Fujitsu.

What this means for ultraportable users – a slimmer display with much better power consumption (or rather less power consumption). You can already see this present in the laptops above, notably Sony’s VAIO VGN-TX series, where you are seeing 11.1 inch widescreen laptops that weigh less than three pounds (granted, Sony is also using Carbon Fiber…).

Check the article if you like numbers – several charts cover the advantages of these displays.

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