Asus U5 – Early Information

Asus U5 Update: This is now called the Asus U5A

Information is starting to trickle out concerning Asus’ next ultraportable laptop, the Asus U5. It’s an Intel Pentium M-powered ultraportable with a 12.1-inch widescreen display, weighing in at around 3lbs. This is Asus’ first laptop that is lead and halogen-free, and this has generated some buzz. We’ve put together a short page concerning the specifications we know at this time.

No price or launch dates have been set. No word on if this replaces Asus’ W5A or Z33A.

Here are three articles discussing the Asus U5:
Stuff Magazine Article Discusses Announcement
Engadget Article – Dicussing environmental-friendliness. Article – Discussing environmental-friendliness

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