Review: Apple 12″ iBook G4 (LAPTOP Magazine)

LAPTOP Magazine published a new review of the Apple 12-inch iBook G4 this morning. The current 12″ iBook G4 is powered by a 1.33GHz G4, has a 12.1-inch TFT LCD with a resolution of 1024×768, and a slot-load CD-RW/DVD-ROM (to get a DVD burner you have to move up to the 14-inch iBook or over to the 12-inch PowerBook). Apple iBook 12-inch

LAPTOP Magazine gave it high marks, saying:

For those on the go, the 12-inch iBook hits the sweet spot: a capable, fun, and easy-to-use computer that doesn’t break the bank or your back. Compared with low-end Windows machines, the iBook blows them out of the water. Maybe we should stop calling this iBook low end.

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