Intel, Clock Speeds, and Yonah

The Inquirer has sneaked a peak at Intel’s Yonah roadmap and believes it has the information when it comes to the numbering schemes and chip speeds of both the dual and single core Yonahs.

Of interest to those that follow ultraportables, this is what is expected in the Low Voltage (LV) range when the Yonah series launches in January:

Dual-Core with 667MHz Front Side Bus:
Yonah L2400 1.66GHz
Yonah L2300 1.5GHz

The Ultra Low Voltage (U) range shipping sometime later in the 2nd quarter of 2006 (or later) :

Single-Core with 533MHz Front Side Bus:
Yonah U1400 1.2GHz
Yonah U1300 1.06GHz

Later in 2006:

Dual-Core with 533MHz Front Side Bus:
Yonah U2500 1.06GHz

The Low Voltage (LV) Dual-Core Yonahs will use about 15W to 24W of power, while the Ultra Low Voltage (U) Single-Core Yonahs will use less than 14W of power. It’s not known how much power the U2500 will consume.

All will have 2MB of cache.

You can read the full article here including pricing and non-Low Voltage/Ultra Low Voltage CPUs.

The Dual-Core LV and U Yonahs should allow you to turn one core off to save battery life, but we won’t know until we see them.

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