Review: Fujitsu LOOX T70M (

Fujitsu LOOX T70M
Akihabara News has a new review of the Fujitsu LOOX T70M, a new model from Fujitsu that replaces their popular T75L and LT PC laptops. The T70M is powered by a 1.2GHz Pentium M Ultra Low Voltage (ULV), sports a 10.6″ widescreen display (1280×768), and comes with a 60GB hard drive plus a built-in DVD+R/Dual-Layer optical drive.

They liked it, saying that the only problems were the smaller size harddrive (1.8″ physical form factor versuses the 2.5″ standard), the speakers being behind the screen (leading to muffled sound), and the decision by Fujitsu to drop the Compact Flash (CF) slot. Their summary:

Fujitsu offers a very nice evolution of their ULTRA-portable range……rest assured that it will be very difficult to find a machine that matches the performance or tops the capacity of this one. The T70M is a very good machine, it’s fast, compact and it looks classy too.

Full Review.

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