Review: Averatec AV3715-EH1 (LAPTOP Magazine)

Averatec 3700 Series
LAPTOP Magazine has published a review of the Averatec AV 3715-EH1. The 3715-EH1 is part of the 3700 series (the differences between the 3715-EH1 and the other model in the series, the 3715-ED1 are optical and harddrive variations). The 3700 series hs based on the AMD Mobile Sempron CPU line, and sports a 12.1-inch display (non-widescreen).

LAPTOP Magazine did make the cosmetic comparison of the 3700s to the style of the Apple iBook (it would be hard not to). They gave it 3.5 out of 5 stars, saying that for students and home business users it’s easy-to-haul, easy-on-the-eyes notebook that’s also easy on the wallet.

Full Review

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