Site Note – Slow Week

The next week is going to be a very slow news week, because of the holidays, and mainly because a lot of companies are sitting on announcements concerning ultraportables, until the 2006 International CES in just a few short weeks. This year’s CES is going to be one of the biggest ones in a long time – with lots of Intel and AMD news, and lots of new laptops being announced, because of platform changes from Intel and AMD. We had a lot of news and a lot of announcements in November and into December, and then all of the sudden they slowed to a trickle – you had these companies wanting to get a head start on the publicity and hype, but it slowed down, because anything major that’s announced in the next two weeks is liable to be overshadowed quickly.

Going into the middle of January, even Apple fans might get some major news in the area of ultraportables from MacWorld.

Because of this brief lull, we are going to take a little time off and work on some things for the site that you might not see right away, but look for news to go back to normal after the first of the year, when things begin to shift into overderive leading up to the 2006 International CES and MacWorld.