Will Intel’s Napa chip run Apple laptop?

Dean Takahashi has written an article for the Mercury News/SiliconValley.com about possible plans for Apple and Intel, specifically in regards to Intel’s new platform and CPUs coming out next month. As the article mentions, the new platform and CPUs represent the biggest upgrade laptops/notebooks in the past few years. Even if they don’t make their way into Apple’s initial Intel-based Mac offerings, you should see more than a few ultraportables sporting the new CPUs.

Intel: More Power, Less Power Usage

Yahoo/Reuters is reporting that Intel’s next mobile platform, “Napah”, and the CPUs – known as “Yonah” will use 25 percent less power while boosting performance, helping it stay on top of the fast-growing market. Scott Hillis writes that according to Keith Kressin (Intel’s mobile platform marketing chief), the new platform will use 28 percent less power while performing 68 percent better than its predecessor.

This will carry over into the ultraportable area, through the Ultra Low Voltage (ULV) “Yonah” CPUs that will be made available.