Review: Sony VAIO VGN-TX650P (

Sony VAIO VGN-TX650P has put together an in-depth review of the Sony VAIO VGN-TX650P. They have a good list of pros and cons. The TX560P has a widescreen 11.1-inch display that doesn’t sacrifice resolution (1366×768), is powered by an Ultra Low Voltage (ULV) Pentium M, and weighs in at under three pounds.

As always, expense is a major factor when it comes to ultraportable laptops at this size and weight (especially when Sony is the manufacturer). You’re paying for the light weight of the Carbon-fiber chassis, but you’re getting a tough, lightweight ultraportable with a nice screen, excellent battery life – in’s words : “This is one of the most battery efficient laptops we’ve ever tested and perhaps the best in the market“.

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