Review: WinBook X610

WinBook X610 has published an in-depth (17 pages) review by Ed Tittel and Barry Gerber, of the WinBook X610. The WinBook X610 is WinBook’s lightest ultraportable yet, and is targeted at those consumers on a budget. It’s powered by a Pentium M and comes with 12.1-inch non-widescreen display and weighs in at just over three pounds.

Some of their comments:

In truth, WinBook’s X610 laptop computer is a small, lightweight unit that’s modest in price – and to some degree in capabilities – but it offers decent value in exchange for a prospective buyer’s hard-earned cash. While neither as miniscule nor as light as a Toshiba Libretto or a Sony Vaio TX series ultraportable, at 3.3 pounds and with dimensions of 10.82″ x 9.25″ x 1.17″, the WinBook X610 is still fairly small and easy to transport.

Full review –

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