jkOnTheRun: What Was Missing at CES 2006

jkOnTheRun mentioned what he considered to be missing at CES 2006. A few of his comments:

Ultra-portable PCs- I was hoping to see some handheld computers other than the OQO and the cPC….But I have to admit I was hoping this year would find some other entries into this space…Sony was completely absent, even though they have led the way in the UPC space for some time.

Toshiba stole the show with the M400, sporting the dual-core processor and integrated optical drive. They also demonstrated the concept Tablet PC with the detachable screen, but they’ve been showing this for about a year now. It’s time to have a first generation model in production

He has a lot to say about other portable computing areas, but the ones mentioned above caught my eye. Nobody from Toshiba would comment on if or when they are going to produce their Tablet PC with the detachable screen (at least to me, although it sounds like it’s not just me). If you’d like to see pictures of what we are talking about, UberGizmo.com has a gallery. It’s a neat concept, but there must be some reason why it’s being held up.

He mentioned that Microsoft had a Motion LS800 and Fujitsu LifeBook P1510D running the next version of Windows, Vista, to show Vista’s Tablet PC functionality.

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