Fujitsu Going After Ultraportable Storage Market

DailyTech has news that Fujitsu is going after the ultraportable storage market, that they are working very on 2.5-inch and 1.8-inch drives, going head-to-head with Toshiba in the 1.8-inch arena. The 1.8-inch drives are found in many portable music players (including the iPod), and some of the smallest of the ultraportables notebooks.

Full Article at DailyTech:

In a not too surprising move, Fujitsu has decided to take on Toshiba in the exploding 1.8″ hard drive market for music players and ultra portable notebooks……The company will use its alliance with Cornice Inc. to release a 120GB 1.8″ drive by the first half of fiscal 2007.

While Fujitsu has made no predictions on how much of the global 1.8″ market that it wants to capture in the near future, the company has stated that it wants to achieve 30% marketshare in both the notebook and enterprise markets.

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