Paperless Challenge a Success

Eric Mack’s “Paperless Challenge” was a success, enough so that he is putting together a podcast, and is working on another challenge (one that is presumably related). If you are curious, you can submit questions to him, to be included in the podcast, by clicking on the “success” link above.

The original challenge

Inspired by this post, I’ve decided to challenge myself to see if I can effectively use my Tablet PC as a total replacement for pen, paper, and books. Next week, I start an intense 8-week business law course and I’ve decided to use this course as the subject of my next Tablet PC challenge. My objective is to determine what the benefits/drawbacks of using a TabletPC as my sole tool (to replace pen, paper, and yes, even Post-Its) for the next 10 weeks. I’ve previously blogged about scanning and annotation tools. Now, I’m going to see if I can live with all of these tools in an intense way for the next two months. I figure this will be the tipping point for my use of a Tablet PC. Through this experiment, I’m certain to find things that I like, things that I dislike, and hopefully, a suitable collection of tools and best practices to help me use the Tablet in the most efficient way possible.

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