Review: Seagate’s 160GB Perpindicular Recording HDD (

A week ago, I ran an article about the new 160GB harddrives from Seagate that uses perpindicular recording technology. Among the benefits/additions to this harddrive – better performance, higher capacity, and improved shock protection. has now gotten their hands on one and posted a review, giving it an overall 4/5. They have good things to say about it, and mention that the price point will be at current market prices once it is widely available for a period of time.

Good news for those of us who need a little bit more storage:

Overall we are extremely encouraged with the promise perpendicular recording brings to notebook storage. Performance of the new 5400.3 model is better than any previous 5400RPM lines, close to 7200RPM drives, and the 160GB capacity is matched only by Fujitsu’s slower SATA-only 4200RPM 160GB model (MHV2160BT)

Full Review (

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