Speculation on an Apple Mac Tablet

Macsimum News has one heck of a doozy on their hands – they’ve turned up a patent for Apple that makes a very strong case for some kind of Tablet form factor.

People are already hacking together “Mac Tablets“, and this adds an interesting twist to things – an Apple Tablet would really shake up the mobile arena (maybe not as much as the iPod did to the portablet MP3 player market, which had been around for quite some time before the iPods showed themselves).

Quote: Just for the record, this patent presents 13 illustrations of a tablet PC and only 1 of a notebook. So make no mistake about it, this patent’s focus is on an Apple tablet!

In Apple’s brief “Background of the Invention” it states that “accelerometers are devices widely used for applications as diverse as vibration monitoring, appliance control, joysticks, industrial process control, space launches, satellite control, and many others.

Full Article with illustrations and specific patent citatations.

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