Review: Fujitsu P1510D with Windowx XP Tablet PC (MobilityGuru)

Fujitsu P1510D
Barry Gerber, of MobilityGuru, has updated and extended their October review of the Fujitsu LifeBook P1510D. This was brought about by Fujitsu’s shipping of the P1510D with Microsoft Windows XP Tablet PC OS. It won an Editor’s Choice award the first time around, and they are awarding it again.

They explain this unique situation here:

In the October review we gave the P1510D our Editors Choice Award saying, “For its innovation and functionality, MobilityGuru presents its Editors Choice Award to Fujitsu and its Lifebook P1510D.”

Not to be boringly repetitive, but we’re trotting out the old Editors Choice Award again. This time we’re giving it to Fujitsu for upgrading the P1510D to Tablet PC and thus adding significant functionality to its ultra laptop.

Full Review

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