Toshiba Portege M400 – Full Specs

Toshiba M400
Toshiba has recently updated the specifications for their new Tablet PC/Convertible Notebook, the M400. This is shaping up to be one of the hottest ultraportable Tablet PC convertibles around (having both a physical keyboard as well as Tablet PC functionality).

Some of the things that I found interesting:
* Both Core Solo and Core Duo CPU options
* IEEE-1394/Firewire Connection
* Serial ATA harddrive (SATA or S-ATA)
* Apparently an internal optical drive (CDRW or DVDR)
* Optional Widescreen/high resolution (1400×1050) display
* A capacity of 4GB of memory
* Dual Channel memory support
* Expanded internal flash memory card reader

Combine the 4GB of memory, Core Duo CPU (upto 2.16GHz), high resolution display, Firewire connection, SATA harddrive, and DVD burner, and you have an ultraportable video or photo editing machine.

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