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HP Compaq NC4200 has a published new review of the HP Compaq NC4200, an ultraportable notebook with a 12.1-inch display (non-widescreen) and powered by an Intel Pentium M and Intel’s 915GM chipset. It is one of the few notebooks in this size that has a spill-resistant keyboard (which is important to some). has this to say about HP’s recent moves, and the NC4200:

HP’s notebooks have had something of a re-birth in recent months. A year ago it seemed the company had lost their way, now with its back to basics approach it seems that it can’t do any wrong.

Take the Compaq nc4200, weighing in at £1000 (inc. VAT) it ticks the “affordable” button before you’ve even checked out what it has to offer. True, it’s billed as a corporate model but as HP sells its wares in places like PC World as well as online at Dabs or Misco, you don’t have to be in business to mean business with this machine.

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