More Info on Samsung Flash-Based Drives

TG Daily has more information about Samsung’s upcoming NAND flash-based drives. We already know they are using the 1.8″ small form factor and are come in 32GB capacities, but we speculated about power consumption and speeds, and now we have the specs (only from Samsung’s PR though): they can read data at 57MB/s and write at 32MB/s (which according to TG daily is about twice as fast as a normal 1.8″ drives. They are being called “solid state disks” (or SSDs).

The really interesting part:

Samsung says that the Flash disk consumes only 0.1W when not in use and just 0.5W under load. For comparison, a typical mobile hard drive consumes somewhere between 1W and 2W of power in seek, read and write processes and between 0.2W and 0.8W when idle. Samsung may be a bit optimistic that the SSD uses just 5% of the electricity needed to power a hard disk drive…….the SSD could add about 20-40 minutes of operating time in a notebook that runs about 4 hours on one battery charge.

Very interesting…good speed, increased operating time. “Soon” can’t get here soon enough, although hopefully the reported price of close to $1000USD will drop quite a bit, otherwise you won’t see widespread acceptance anytime soon.

Full article.

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