Announced: Samsung Q35 (Dell Latitude X2 Soon?)

Samsung Q35 has news that Samsung Korea has just announced the Samsung Q35, a sequel to the Samsung Q30. The Q30 was never available in the US under the Samsung brand (some imported them, but it was through third party resellers), but it was available in the US as the Dell Latitude X1. Does this mean we could see some kind kind of Dell Latitude X2 in the not too distant future?

Among the major changes, it’s now powered by Intel Centrino Core Duo and Core Solo CPUs (1.66GHz – 2.33GHz).

MobileWhack is reporting that an internal DVD burner is present, which would also be a major change (the Q30/X1 didn’t have internal optical drives). No word on if it’s using Serial ATA for its harddrives either. The Q30 had no fans for cooling, due to the Ultra Low Voltage (ULV) Pentium M processor, which meant low noise. It’s safe to assume that the Q35 will have fan(s).

Other changes:
– 1280×800 display (previous: 1280×768)
– 667MHz Front Bus
– DDR2 Memory
– Improved audio and graphics

As of today, pricing and availability have not been made available. As we obtain more information, we’ll update our Samsung Q35 page.

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