200GB SATA 2.5-inch Drive From Fujitsu

MobileWhack.com has news of the world’s first 200GB 2.5-inch Serial-ATA (SATA) harddrive for notebooks. According to MobileWhack, it was specifically designed to meet demands of high end audio/video computing applications such as gaming, video editing, audio recording and DVR functionality. It’s targeted at high-end notebooks, although as more and more ultraportable notebooks roll out with Intel’s new Centrino platform, with SATA capability in many of the notebooks, it won’t be surprising to see this drive show up all over the place.

Even though it’s geared towards audio/video manipulation, it’s actually 4200rpm (although it will be faster than a typical 4200rpm in the 2.5-inch class because of the engineering behind it).

Of note, it consumes 1.6W during R/W functions, and at idle, only 0.5W. That is not bad at all.

Edit: The Model # is MHV2200BT

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