Announced: Gateway E-100Mb

Image - Gateway E-100Mb
Although there has been no formal announcement, Gateway has not only jumped back into the ultraportable game, but they are doing it with a new Ultra Low Voltage (ULV) Intel CPU and, as of today, they are taking orders for it.

The Gateway E-100Mb is a very lightweight (3.15 pounds) notebook that is using a new Intel Core Solo ULV CPU, the U1300 (1.06GHz), that no other manufacturer is currently using, and which Intel hasn’t mentioned as shipping before now. While not as fast as other CPUs in the Intel Centrino/Core lineup, it promises a much longer battery life.

Other spec’s:
– Geared towards consumers/small business
– Starts at around $1700 USD
– 12.1-inch widescreen display (1280×800)
– Weighs 3.15 pounds and is 1″ thin.
– 40GB Serial ATA (SATA) harddrive (external USB DVD Writer)
– 512MB of mmoery

Their business-oriented ultraportable, with virtually the same specifications, the NX100X is not available yet (it should be later today). You can order the E-100Mb here at (Small business section).

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