Announced/Review: Gateway NX100X (CNET)

Image - Gateway NX100X
As with the E-100Mb there has been no formal announcement, but there has already been a review by CNET of this model, which didn’t rate it too highly (6 out of 10). I saw this yesterday, but was holding off until the formal announcement from Gateway, but what the heck.

It’s using an unnanounced Ultra Low Voltage (ULV) Core Solo from Intel (I’m sure Intel is very happy). The NX100X uses the 1.2GHz U1400 CPU (as opposed to the E-100Mb which uses a 1.06GHz U1300 CPU).

The spec’s are almost the same as the E-100Mb mentioned below, with the main differences being the addition of a faster CPU and larger hardrdive and some security features. These models were supposed to deliever better battery life than the previous Pentium M Ultra Low Voltage CPUs (at least in theory) however CNET’s review states that it was only slightly better than the Dell Latitude X1, and that the performance was the same.

I would like to see better tests/benchmarks performed – even if it has the battery life of an X1, it should still outperform it on many things.

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