Review: Gateway E-100M (PC Magazine)

Image - Gateway E-100Mb
We just can’t get enough “Gateway re-enters the ultraportable market with a super-secret Intel Ultra Low Voltage CPU” stories can we? (I’ve passed on several already, that were basically repeating what’s already been said). Continuing on with something useful, Cisco Cheng of PC Magazine has completed their review of the Gateway E-100M.

I won’t bore you with the specs since you can simply hit the page-down key and see plenty of information, but I was happy to hear that there are extended batteries. Cisco had the same battery life to within a few minutes of the NX100x that was reviewed by CNET, HOWEVER, this was a three-cell battery, and according to Cisco, there are six and nine-cell batteries, giving you plenty of battery life, at least 6-7 hours. I did think it was interesting that they said it “gets high marks because of the rarity of finding an affordable ultraportable that’s beautifully designed” – not often you hear something like that said about a company that isn’t named Apple. One thing that was pointed out in the review, and on Digg, these Ultra Low Voltage Core Solo CPUs, the U1300/U1400 are cool (literally speaking) which helps with keeping the size and noise down since you don’t have to run a big noisy fan.

Oh, and PC Magazine gave the E-100M a 4 out of 5. Full review (and if you like pictures, PC Magazine has some nice ones here).

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