Thinkpad X60 Series With Integrated EVDO

Lenovo ThinkPad X60
jkOnTheRun reports that the ThinkPad X60 series are shipping with integrated EVDO options, and speculates that the rumored ThinkPad X60 Tablet PC could be the first of the major Tablet PCs to ship with the EVDO communications option (not just the first of the ultraportable notebooks or Tablet PC hybrids either!).

This would be very newsworthy, as it shows the strength and abilities of the ultraportable/convertible form-factor (having a physical keyboard with Tablet PC functionality).

The ThinkPad X60 configuration site shows the EVDO options (CDMA2000 – Sprint and Verizon).

No word on Cingular options, or a timeframe for these to ship (rumors are May) or even if the Tablet PC versions of the X60 will ship (it’s a safe bet they will, the Tablet PC versions of the X40/X41s have proven popular).