Intel Finally Announces Ultra Low Voltage Core Solo CPUs

According to CNET, Intel has finally, formally, introduced the Ultra Low Voltage Core Solo CPUs that are in Fujitsu’s Q2010 and Gateway’s E-100M and NX100X.

The CPUs were leaked going back to February when details began leaking out about Gateway’s re-entry into the ultraportable business. The model numbers are the 1.06GHz U1300 and 1.2GHz U1400 Core Solos, and while they are not nearly as fast as the higher-end Core Duos and higher-clocked Core Solos, they offer the ability to run without an active cooling fan, something that many people going for the “small as possible” style of notebook look for.

There were rumors that these would make their way into Ultra Mobile PCs (Origami), as well as the “MacBook” replacements for the iBook or some kind of “MacTablet” from Apple. It could still happen that they end up in UMPCs or MacBooks/Tablets.

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