Intel’s Merom Core Duo CPU To Ship in 3rd Quarter

TG Daily is reporting that Intel will be shipping the Core Duo T5000 and T7000 series’ CPUs (aka Merom) in volume in the third quarter of 2006. This is apparently in response to AMD’s upcoming offerings. The Merom is the successor to the currently shipping “Yonah” Core Duos.

The Meroms are going to support 4MB cache (which will be big for mobile users wanting a lot of performance, not that the currently shipping Yonah Core Duos don’t offer that), as well as 64-bit capabilities. Past reports indicate that the Meroms are literally drop-in replacements, so we could see notebook lineups that are currently shipping with Core Duos switch over to the Merom series with few problems. If they truly run about the same power and heat-wise as the currently shipping Core Duos, they could easily find their way into ultraportable notebooks.

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One Response to Intel’s Merom Core Duo CPU To Ship in 3rd Quarter

  1. some1 says:

    This may be a stupid question, but here it is anyways:

    For 64-bit support, wouldn’t the motherboards require a 64-bit address bus (and RAM), so how can the Merom be swapped with the Yonah and get 64-bit capabilities?