Announced: Panasonic Toughbook CF-Y5

Panasonic Toughbook CF-Y5 ImagePanasonic has announced a Japanese-only (at least for now), notebook in its Toughbook lineup, that they claim to be waterproof. While it’s not ultraportable, with a 14.1-inch display (non-widescreen), and weight that’s a bit more than similar notebooks (due to the fact that it’s got a reinforced chassis that can withstand forces of over 200 pounds), it’s noteworthy for the waterproof claim. Not just water resistant, but they claim you can spill water on it, or have it exposed to a light rain, and still function.

The CF-Y5 is powered by Intel’s Core Duo platform (L2300 1.5GHz Lower Power), with a built-in Dual-Layer DVD burner. It’s due to go on sale in May, for around $2100 (pricing set to change).

Product page (in Japanese).

Via: MobileWhack

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