Top 10 Ultraportable/Small Laptops of April 2006

Once again it’s time for the Top 10 Ultraportable/Small Notebooks of the month, for April 2006. This list is based on reader interest (which is in turn based on page views, links, etc.). Not the most scientific, but surprisingly it’s been fairly consistent. The only major changes occur when a new notebook is released, but unless it’s an outstanding notebook, the list goes back to what it was before.

Note: It’s really a top 11 list, when you seperate out the ThinkPad X60 and X60s as we’ve done.

1)ASUS W5F – #1 Since January – wow.
2)Fujitsu Q2010 – Newcomer
3)Fujitsu P1510D – #2 in March
4)MSI S262 – #7 in March
5)ThinkPad X60S – #5 in March
6)Fujitsu Pro V3205 – Newcomer
7)ThinkPad X60 – #3 in March
8)Dell Inspiron 700M – #4 in March
9)Toshiba M400 Tablet PC – #6 in March
10)Flybook V3 – #9 in March
11)Averatec 1050 – #10 in March

March 2006 – List

Stats of the list:
* Two newcomers, both from Fujitsu (Q2010 and V3205)
* Seven based on Intel Core Duo or Core Solor CPUs (or derivatives)
* Just as in March, three were convertibles – they have both a Touchscreen/Tablet PC interface as well as a physical keyboard (Fujitsu P1510D, Toshiba M400, Flybook V3).
* Three had displays smaller than 11 inches (Flybook, Fujitsu P1510D, Averatec).
* Two are “budget” ultraportables – the Dell 700M and the Averatec 1050.

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