VoodooPC – “Scott Speed Notebook” version of Envy a228

VoodooPC Envy a228 Scott Speed
VoodooPC has announced a limited-edition version of their VoodooPC Envy a228. It’s the “Scott Speed” Edition, and features a different case than the normal Envy lineup. It’s kind of surprising or interesting (or both) that they chose an ultraportable rather than one of their large gaming notebooks. Scott Speed is an American Formula 1 driver (somewhat of a rarity) and with a last name like Speed…you can’t beat that. The Envy a228 is a 12-inch widescreen notebook powered by an AMD Turion 64 CPU and weighs in at under four pounds.


Scott Speed and Voodoo operate within different worlds but have more in common than anyone might believe. They both have risen up in the ranks as underdogs, garnering serious respect and admiration in their own areas of competition. Who would have expected a fresh young California kid to represent his nation where none have treaded for more than a decade? Likewise, who would have expected a fresh young company like Voodoo to turn the heads of the major players in the PC industry? Scott Speed knew it all along – and so did Voodoo.

You can read more about the story behind it at the VoodooPC/Scott Speed page as well as view images of the notebook. There is also a desktop PC associated with this promotion as well.

Source: MobileWhack