Announced: Rock Pegasus 330 (UK)

Rock Pegasus 330
Rock ( announced the Rock Pegasus 330 last week. The Pegasus 330 is an Intel Core Duo based ultraportable laptop with a 13.3-inch widescreen display. It weighs around 4.5 pounds, comes with an internal optical drive (an 8x Dual-Layer DVD Writer comes with some models), and uses either a 1.66 T2300 Intel Core Duo, or the 1.83GHz T2400 CPU.

It’s got a few unique features that make it stand out for its class – it comes bundled with a USB Digital TV tuner, and it has an “Instant On function for playback of DVD, Video, MP3 etc”, meaning that it doesn’t have to boot all of the way into Windows to play media (which saves on battery life). Speaking of battery life, it has a “Silent mode button for silent running and improved battery life”, which presumably turns everything way down.

Availability outside of the UK is unknown, and currently it starts at £749 (About $1400 USD). This niche has traditionally been strong for Sony, and while the Pegasus 330 is heavier than the Sony, it does come with a much cheaper price.


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