Is Today the Day for a 13.3 or 12.1 inch MacBook?


So is the much discussed 12-inch iBook and PowerBook replacement just around the corner? The rumor mills are churning out all kinds of information; that it will have a 13.3-inch widescreen display, that it will be called the MacBook and will replace both the 12-inch and 14-inch iBooks, as well as the 12-inch PowerBook, that it will be priced slightly higher than previous iBooks, slightly thinner, multiple colors (I would imagine black and white and nothing more), that it will be based on Core Duo or there will be both Core Duo and Core Solo versions available.

I would have said that it would be Core Duo only, since the price difference between the two is small, and the Duo offers a lot more, but the Intel Mac mini proved me wrong, and having a Core Solo CPU would definitely differentiate between the MacBook and MacBook Pro – in the past, the gap between the iBooks and PowerBooks had narrowed considerably, and now is Apple’s chance to widen that again.

AppleInsider is saying Apple put the brakes on it for the time being. ThinkSecret reported last week that today was the day. Meanwhile, MacRumors points out that a slipup on Apple’s website looks like a MacBook is forthcoming. MacRumors also points out that it’s been 287 days since the iBook was last updated (with an average of 172 days between updates before that).

Stay tuned, it will be interesting whatever it is.

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