Review: Fujitsu P1510D (Mobile Tech Review

Fujitsu P1510D
Mobile Tech Review has published their review of the Fujitsu LifeBook P1510D hybrid notebook (hybrid in the sense that, like the ThinkPad X41, it functions as a Tablet PC while still retaining a physical keyboard). The P1510D has an 8.9-inch widescreen display, and is powered by an Intel Pentium M Ultra Low Voltage (ULV) CPU. It has gotten a tremendous amount of interest because of it’s size and functionality (the thing weighs just over two pounds) and while the CPU isn’t the fastest around, people are buying them for that.

The point out some of the shortcomings, while mentioning why you would want to buy the P1510D:

If you need and want one of the lightest notebooks on the market, don’t want to compromise on specs and find the Tablet features useful, the P1510D should be on your shortlist despite a few shortcomings (lack of an optical drive, poor viewing angle and not the most colorful and sharp display).

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