AMD’s Dual-Core Turion 64 X2 CPU

Looks like AMD beat Intel to the punch – TG Daily has as the announcement that AMD has released the first 64-bit Dual Core CPU for the mobile market. Of note, the power consumption matches Intel’s Core Duo power consumption.


With the arrival of the dual-core Turion, AMD already has begun phasing out its single-core Turion 64, which will have completely disappeared from the market by the end of this year, AMD officials told TG Daily. The new processor will initiate a quick transition not only from single- to dual-core but also to a new mobile processor socket – from the old version 754 to the new S1.

The models to be released are:
512KB L2 Cache:
– TL-50 – 1.6 GHz
1MB L2 Cache:
– TL-52 – 1.6 GHz
– TL-56 – 1.8GHz
– TL-60 – 2.0GHz

Intel’s 64-bit Dual Core CPUs will ship later in the year (possibly this summer).