Dell Latitude 420 – More Information

Back at the end of March, I mentioned an article from CNET about rumors of a Dell Latitude D420. I also mentioned that the X1 appeared close to being replaced (since then, the X1 was replaced by the XPS M1210), and with the 710M already available, and with Intel’s new Core Duo/Centrino platform becoming widely available, it would only be a matter of time before Dell upgraded the ultraportable Latitude (other Latitude notebooks have already been upgrade).

Putting aside the mentions on Dell’s Canadian site (which can be found through Google), including one about a driver for a Secure Digital I/O (SDIO) controller in a Latitude D420, we’ve had yet more confirmation of the Latitude D420, this time from Mr. Dell himself. CNET is running an article about Michael Dell unofficially unveiling the D420 at the Future in Review conference earlier this week.

The only specifications mentioned by Dell:
– 12.1-inch screen
– Intel Core Duo CPU
– Mobile Broadband Networks (Cingular, Verizon, who knows)

You can view a distant photo here at CNet.

We’ll post more specifications once we have them. The next Dell ultraportable we are watching – the Inspiron 720M (or whatever they are going to call the 700M/710M successor – the 710M was a disappointing update to the 700M series, which happens to be a very popular series from Dell and costing under $1200, a very good value).

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