Announced: Samsung Q30-SSD (Solid State Disk)

Samsung Q30-SSD
Samsung has announced their “new” Q30-SSD ultramobile notebook. It’s based on the Q30 with a few major differences, chief among them, the harddrive is no longer mechanical/spindle based – it’s made from 32GB of NAND/flash memory and is referred to as a “Solid State Disk” (SSD). What this means is that it reads 300 percent faster (53MB/s) and writes 150 percent quicker (28MB/s) than normal hard drives.

It’s also better on the battery life, completly quiet (they are using a Celeron M and therefore no fans in the notebook), and is much more shock-proof than traditional harddrives. It has a 12.1-inch display, starts at around $3700 USD, and will be available in Korea, starting in June (no word on availability outside of Korea).

This is the first time that a NAND flash-based harddrive has shipped in a computer.

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  1. Hi, guys! ;) did you know that Samsung has released it latest, the E900. The E900 is a a Tri-Band GSM phone with GPRS capabilities and remarkably very much like the old D600 in its ethos as the Chocolate phone in its design.

    The phone offers a limited feature set on the top of the model, and due to the missing keyboard the design and layout is simple and pretty slim with only the dpad present.

    Slide the bright crisp 2-inch 240×320 262K Colour TFT screen back and you are presented with a small, but easy to use keypad with no additional buttons –
    these are on top. Realising that any phone with either a camera or MP3 player must have direct access buttons, Samsung has tucked these out of the way on the side of the handset.

    Featuring a 2 megapixel camera, the E900 is keen to promote itself as more than just a phone images can be stored on either the phone’s internal 80MB memory or directly on to an optional micro SD slot. Of course taking photographs isn’t all the E900 can do and taking advantage of its internal memory and micro SD slot the phone also features a MP3 player and speaker.

    The player supports all the usual suspects including MP3/AAC/ACC+/AAC+(e)/WM playback and you can transfer tracks to the phone via bluetooth or USB. :) chocolate