Review: Acer C200 (lifekludger)

Acer TravelMate C200 C203
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Acer TravelMate C200, a unique “convertible” ultraportable – Tablet PC functionality combined with a physical keyboard. The C200 is unique in the way it converts – it has a “sliding-track mechanism” rather than the typical swivel mechanism where the screen swivels around and lays down against the keyboard. It’s powered by an Intel Pentium M and has a 12.1-inch non-widescreen display.

Dave looks at it differently than most reviewers – namely from the perspective of somebody that has to use it differently than many of us (i.e. without hands) :

In short, for me, operating a computer with a disability, layout and positioning is everything – well the absolute first priority overriding all other considerations anyway. If I can’t reach it with my mouthstick, leave it in the box! So the Acer really grabbed my attention.

When I got hold of one I found the layout of keyboard, with the keys right at the front edge, the compact design and the ‘reachable-ness’ of everything brilliant. The Trackpoint ‘pointer’ device, although not my ultimate choice for pointing, worked for me and the little scroll-wheel, which was an added feature I hadn’t accounted for, I found handy and easy to use, despite the angle.

source: jkOnTheRun