Article: Transmeta Leaving CPU Business

According to Chip Chick, Transmeta is leaving the CPU business: We have some sad news today, almost as sad as the recent demise of Clippy. Some time ago, Transmeta had ambitious plans of creating the best microprocessors for mobile devices. But now their leaving the battlefield – not victorious, but neither defeated. From the moment of its creation (1995) up until now, Transmeta has been quite successful producing several versions of economical chips…..Transmeta’s business situation worsened significantly in 2005. Its micro-processor engineering division stopped being profitable. After Sony halted partnership with Transmeta, AMD remained as the sole income source. Most likely, this is when management started to think about whether they should continue with chips’ manufacturing.

Some of the notable small notebooks that used Transmeta CPUs: Fujitsu’s small notebook/tablet lineup prior to the LifeBook P1510D, as well as older FlyBooks and the OQO Model 01.

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