Review: State of the Fuji Adress (Vista/LifeBook P1610)

Fujitsu P1610 jkOnTheRun has posted his State of the Fuji Address concerning the convertible Fujitsu LifeBook P1610 and Microsoft Windows Vista: I love the interface, love the way the UI makes it easy to use with the touch screen. Overall the performance is very snappy and pleasant to use. I don’t use the touch enhancements in Vista, these were enabled by default and lasted all of a minute on my Fuji. I find them difficult to use accurately and frankly just not necessary on touch screen devices when it’s simpler to just tap on the control on the screen to make something happen.

If you are considering this notebook, he goes into a lot of detail on just how well Vista runs, battery life concerns, Vista driver concerns/issues, as well as some of the special software available from Fujitsu.

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