160GB Flash Hard Drive from Adtron

Addtron Flash drive
gizmag has mentioned that Addtron has announced a 160GB Flash-memory based harddrive, utilizing both a traditional 2.5″ IDE interface, as well as a Serial ATA (SATA) interface, for laptop form factors.


With the price of NAND flash dropping quickly, SSDs are continuing their rise with the news that Adtron is offering immediate availability of its latest and most advanced generation of the Adtron Flashpak Family of products, including the IDE and Serial ATA (SATA) flash disk models, the I25FB and A25FB, respectively. The products include the industry’s highest capacity 2.5” SLC NAND flash disk drives at 160 GBytes.

As these drives come out and start to show up in laptops, they should increase battery life and/or allow for smaller batteries (which would help with weight). One really intresting tidbit, for those who are concerned about security, is the “Adtron Erasure Data Security Suite” which “offers unparalleled, high speed data elimination including clear and sanitize functions at the most trusted levels defined today.


Press Release at Adtron.com

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