Article: Convertible Computing–What Works and What’s Needed

Lenovo ThinkPad X60 TabletJim Forbes has written an interesting article, “Convertible Computing–What Works and What’s Needed” that covers where the convertible notebooks have done well and where they need improvement. Convertibles tend to have both a touchscreen/Tablet PC functionality, as well as a physical keyboard (Lenovo’s ThinkPad X60 Tablet being an example mentioned by Jim).

Excerpt from the article:

I’ve lived with tablet computers for the last year and have developed a pretty serious wish list for this category.

First, an observation: if you need an example of an ironclad bond between a user and their machine, look closely at tablet computer users. In my case, along with true persistent wireless connectivity it’s literally changed how I view personal computing. My tablet, a Lenovo X60 convertible notebook, is the first thing I pack when I leave my house. Leave my shaving gear at home? It happens. Forget to pack enough undershirts? JC Penney’s is a nationwide chain, so that’s not a problem either. Leave my power supply in my car? Well, I regularly get six hours of battery life out of my beloved X60, so I’ll get by until a kinsmen can overnight the power supply to me.

He goes on to mention what’s right with this platform (connectivity, form, weight) as well as what’s wrong with it (Bluetooth implementation, stylus/pen design, keyboards, etc.). It’s a very critical and well-written look at the convertible platform.

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