Review: OQO Model 02 (Mike Cane)

OQO model 02
Mike Cane hands-on look at the OQO Model 02, that he came across in the RCS Computer Experience store in New York City. He compared it to Sony’s UX180.


So what’s my verdict? I’d earlier fondled the Sony UX several times (but never blogged about it). Between the UX and the Model 02, I’d take the Model 02. But I’m not going by specs or price. I’m making this judgment solely based on each unit’s size and keyboard. The Model 02 is more pocketable and its keyboard just makes the UX’s keyboard a bigger laughingstock than it already is.

Now, if you want to go by screen, I think the UX beats the Model 02. The UX has a true touchscreen. If I’m understanding the OQO brochure correctly, the Model 02 still requires a Tablet PC-like special stylus. That prohibits using a fingertip to quickly tap an icon on the Model 02’s screen (as I found out when trying to launch IE!).

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