Announced: Asus T83 UMPC

Asus T83 UMPC

Details have finally emerged about the Asus T83 UMPC, the little brother to Asus’ Rugged Military NB. The T83 has been referred to by Asus as the “Highly Integration UMPC” (Probably “High”, but lost in translation), and a ruggedized version is expected later this year. It’s set to be released in the third quarter of 2007 for roughly $900 – $1000 USD.

It has a 7-inch 800×480 widescreen, touchscreen display, it’s powered by a Via 1GHz C7-M CPU (low voltage, fanless, leading to 5-6 hours+ battery life), has 512MB to 2GB of memory, and harddrive options starting at 30GB. It has built-in GPS, WiFi, and Bluetooth, and unique among UltraMobile PCs, it has a physical keyboard.

Because of the size and form-factor, it’s inviting comparisons to the Vulcan FlipStart and the OQO Model 02. It sounds like a descendant of the Toshiba Libretto U105.

Photo: From Engadget (full Engagdet gallery).

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